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Berg Chicago, Inc. recognizes that no matter if there is rain, snow, or shine, your business must be operative and running efficiently. You can count on us for your commercial or residential snow removal and landscaping needs! From weekly maintenance to complete site management, you'll discover that Berg Chicago, Inc. executes every task neatly, efficiently and with minimum disruption to you or your property! 


Your business or home landscape is a large, living investment. Properly managed, it contributes to the value, beauty and usefulness of your property. Our program balances the various needs of your landscape to deliver award winning results. Plus our complete snow removal services during the winter months safely removes all snow and ice so that you can go about your business with ease. 


During the winter months, November 1st thur March 31st we are equipped with state of the art commercial grade snow plows, pushers, front-end loaders, and skids steers to remove your snow effectively. Berg Chicago, Inc. is available 24 hours a day to assist you in relocating and removing snow from your site, to answer questions and assist our clients with high levels of service.


Our fleet of over 45 trucks, salters and shovelers are ready and available. Our drivers return year after year and continue with training to be the best of the best. Our Supervisors have been with our company for a minimum of 5 years and know our level of service. We have a mechanic on staff 24 hours a day to ensure our equipment does not fail when our customers need us the most. Our fleet is constantly serviced to ensure proper operation during all weather emergencies.


During the Spring to Fall months, April 1st thru October 31st our Landscape Weekly Maintenance mows your lawn weekly, clips around buildings, trims, edges, and make sure that no debris is left behind.


Additional Services are Available but not included in the Yearly Ground Maintenance Fee Schedule. Please go to the Landscaping page for more detail.


Snow Removal Pricing may be bid two diffferent ways. Berg Chicago, Inc. tries to work with our customers to customize each contract to fit the clients every need.


  1. Seasonal Contract:
    Seasonal Contract is for the entire season or year. There are no additional charges for the amount of snow or the number of visits in which service is performed, unless eight inches or more per single storm accrues. Services during a storm over 8" will be done with additional charges based on needs.

  2. Per Event Plowing:
    Per Event Pricing is priced on each visit. For snowfall events over 2" or heavier snow, multiple visits will be required and charged accordingly. All charges for snow plowing and any extras will be billed within 48 hours and payment is due within 30 days.

Our Goal is to save you time, frustration, and money. With Berg Chicago, Inc. you'll have an active partner in grounds maintenance. By working together, we can successfully improve your landscape and winter safety! Berg Chicago, Inc. is fully insured. We are a member of SIMA - Snow and Ice Managment Association.

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