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Commercial Yearly Ground Maintenance - Landscaping and Snow Plowing Services

Total Scope of Work:

November 1st thur March 31st: Snow Season

Keep your employees, customers, and vistors safe from accidents with snow free parking lots and sidewalks!  Berg Chicago Inc. will allocate the proper equipment to plow your commercial lot in a timely manner. As soon as snow starts to fall during business hours and exceeds 1", Berg will dispatch a plow truck and a ground crew to start clearing your parking lot, driveway, entry lanes and your sidewalks*. And when snow keeps accumulating during the business hours, we will dispatch additional plow trucks to keep your business open and productive! This service is included in our seasonal rate with no extra charges unless eight inches or more snowfall per single storm accrues.

* Sidewalk clearing available as additional service per contract.

Keep your employees, customers, and vistors safe from accidents with a snow free parking lot and sidewalks. 

April 1st thru October 31st: Landscape Maintenance

 Our program balances the various needs of your landscape to deliver award winning results! Our solutions are creative and cost-effective. By working together we can successfully improve your landscape and your bottom line. We have weekly maintenance and additional services available but not included in the Yearly Ground Maintenance Fee Schedule.

Landscape Weekly Maintenance includes the following:

  • Mowing on the same day throughout the growing season unless weather conditions do not allow. Mowing height will be 3"-3 1/2" throught the mowing season
  • Clipping around building will be removed from property.
  • Turf around fixed objects will be trimmed.
  • Edging of walks and driveways as needed to maintain a neat appearance at all times.
  • Debris will be picked up from property on the regular day of service to keep neat appearance.
  • Hand mowers and line trimmers will be operated to prevent damage to trees, shrubs or other property fixtures.
  • Blow clean all driveways, walk, streets, patios and decks.

Snow Season Maintenance includes the following:

  • 24 hour Radio Dispatch

  • Plowing of parking lots, driveways, and entryways

  • Continuous plowing throughout the snowfall

Additional Services Available but not included in Basic Snow Contract:

  • Sidewalk shoveling

  • Hauling away of excess snow build-up

  • De-icing and ice control follow up

  • Salting of walkways

Berg Chicago, Inc. has been in business over 20 years in the commercial snow removal business. We have expanded our company to include landscaping and complete ground maintenance in the last 5 years! We would like to become your complete yearly ground maintenance provider for your commercial landscaping and winter plowing needs. Whatever your top priorities may be for your property, Berg Chicago, Inc. can be your active partner in your property management!

  • We provide top quality work

  • Excellent references

  • Continued business relationships with companies since our founding.

  • Zero tolerance policy with our snow plowing and ice management!

  • Fully insured

  • Available 24 hours a day. ​

From weekly ground maintenance to complete site snow management we execute every task efficiently and with minimum disruption to you or your property.